Gravel Rent Bike The Way of Saint James

A new concept in bikes and MTB highly recommended to do the Camino de Santiago.
We deliver the bike anywhere in Spain and Portugal. Transportation is included in the price and give you assistance throughout the tour.

The bikes are equipped with cyclist material.

From this video made by our friends "De Rutas y Sendas" ( You can see the process of how to rent the bicycle and how they will receive it:

Gavel Bicycle rental in Spain and Portugal


Only transport the French town of Saint Jean Pied de Port.

* This service is an additional cost for this holiday 10 euros.

PRESSING BUTTON to acquire that extra service.

Select the first day of the rent

* Report on the calendar the day start counting the rent.

Days for rental

* Select the days you want to rent a bike.

CALCULATED PRICE SELECTED Rental for bike and add to cart. Repeat entire process with selection of size, date and day rental to add more bikes to cart.

Delivery information

Enter here the direction you want to deliver your bike to start the way. You must provide us:

- Name

- Address - Postal code - City and Province

- Telephone contact


Hotel Roncesvalles
calle única S/N
31650 Roncesvalles

600 00 00 00

Seguro Clientes Nacionales:

If you want to add our Insurance EUROP ASSISTANCE NATIONAL CLIENT to your rental, you can do so by selecting it below. If you wish you can also find all the information in this following link .

The price of the insurance shown below is  WITH VAT.

Seguro Clientes Internacionales:

If you want to add our Insurance EUROP ASSISTANCE INTERNATIONAL CLIENT to your rental, you can do so by selecting it below. If you wish you can also find all the information in this following link .

The price of the insurance shown below is WITH VAT.

Optional Helmet:

If you wish to add to your rental the purchase of one of our HEBO BICI CRANK 2.0 helmets you can do so by selecting it below. If you wish you can also find all the information in this following link.

The price of the helmets shown below are VAT FREE. The final price is € 49,50.

Tax included

Las Opiniones de nuestros clientes
  • Política de seguridad (editar con el módulo Información de seguridad y confianza para el cliente) Política de seguridad (editar con el módulo Información de seguridad y confianza para el cliente)
  • Política de envío (editar con el módulo Información de seguridad y confianza para el cliente) Política de envío (editar con el módulo Información de seguridad y confianza para el cliente)
  • Política de devolución (editar con el módulo Información de seguridad y confianza para el cliente) Política de devolución (editar con el módulo Información de seguridad y confianza para el cliente)

** IMPORTANT !! we sought and it is essential check availability before processing the bicycle rental.
Please select your size and time period and asks the OK to **

bicigrino logo


In 2023 Bicigrino rental bikes they are all high-end tire and 29 ".


We have seen are those that will provide better service to our users and the more suitable for cycling and the Camino de Santiago.
We maintain virtually the same prices as in previous seasons and give a big jump in the quality of the bicycles.
We want to provide the best material to our customers and new brand bicycles as always.

Alquiler bicicleta cicloturismo


For this service we need to process the request is made at least 10 days in advance.
The rental price is the total price and included everything offered, including transportation of the bike chosen for the start point of the route.

* The only element not included in the rent is the helmet. We do not put the helmet for hygienic reasons (toilet not consider that helmets used will go past some customers to others) and also think it is as important an element of security that is required for the accurate and correct size. For these reasons we do not provide helmets on bicycles equipment but insist that it is mandatory that you wear a helmet when riding a bicycle (in Spain it is required).

However if you want you can receive or deliver the bike in the same place you propose (hotels, cottages, bike shops...).
During booking through this website you and you must provide us important data in the process such as:
- Start Day route.
- Delivery of the bike.




Explore further. Ride freer. A versatile and capable gravel bike.

Created to explore new routes beyond the horizon, or make your small daily trips faster.

Your terrain Tracks, routes in the middle of nature

Its what's built for

Traction, handling, comfort

Highlights Lightweight SmartForm C2 aluminum frame with full carbon fiber fork Shimano GRX 800/600 11-speed transmission and WTB ST i23 rims, lightweight 700x37c WTB Riddler TCS tyres.


tallas bicicletas alquiler

Generally it is good to know that normally have 4 sizes (size 15, size 17, the 19 and the 21) they are the most common size for most users, and much generalizing people of normal build and height up to 1.70 will need a size 17 and exceeding 1.75 will need a size 19.


The rental price is including shipping to anywhere that you propose to start the journey and also pick up anywhere in the Spanish or Portuguese geography decide to end your route.
(* Enquire if you need to rent a bicycle in any European country or in the islands ...)

accesorios bicicletas alquiler

The bikes come equipped among other things with these accessories designed to give you all the peace and security in route:

** Since most of our customers use applications that have a speedometer, we decided this year not to include it in the kit **

Racks and specific preinstalled.
Extensions on the handlebars for maximum comfort on the road.
Tyres specially chosen for optimal use in road travel.

Camino de Santiago Guide of bicigrino (magazine format)

  • Pilgrim Credential
* Bicigrino bottled water. At the end of the rental will take it with you as a souvenir. I'll give you.
  • Pair of panniers ORTLIEB BACK ROLLER CITY recommended on the website of bicigrino, waterproof, with fastening system for easy on and click Remove.

Padlock secure bicycle storage.
Practice the ideal bag for carrying by hand en route the camera or mobile phone (for example) top bar.
Tool kit with cameras, patches, pump and multi-tool (with chain tool) to solve any eventuality in route.
Kit grease and oil to lubricate the bicycle during the trip.
Gel Case for the saddle to prevent chafing.

** It is important and we remind you that for reasons of hygiene and safety helmet not included in the equipment. It is recommended to bring your own helmet or
rent one of our innovative helmets Høvding (airbag type)

Guia camino de santiago bicigrino   Credencial camino de Santiago   bicigrino water bottle


The Hospedería San Martín Pinario has become the new center for depositing, collecting and storing bicycles in relation to the transport service “from Santiago to your home” by Bicigrino and Seur.

If you purchase the bonus reservation bonus through the Bicigrino online store, you can leave your bike here without worries so that it can be transported home. In this way, you can stay comfortably and send your bike without complications.


casco hebo bicigrinoWe have evaluated several times the possibility of putting a helmet on the equipment of our rental service and we have ruled it out for important reasons.

We think that for reasons of hygiene it is not recommended that helmets go from one client to another during the season of bicycle rental.

That is why we have looked for the best quality / price ratio in the market and we have specially selected for bicycle touring and to accompany our bicycles the model HEBO BICI CRANK 1.0.

Something that worries us a lot apart from hygiene is also that in order for the helmet to be effective it must be of the appropriate size to the user's head, be well adjusted and not be fired in the event of an accident. For that reason we have also selected this helmet because it has a great fastening system that with two variants in size (please look at the table of measurements before requesting your helmet) pick up the head with precise and easy adjustments.

medidas casco hebo bicigrinoSo our advice is mainly that if you can bring your own house helmet when you rent one of our bikes. And if on the contrary you want to take

advantage of the one we offer to launch it on the road to Santiago and take it to the end of the route. You will be able to take advantage of the occasion to make you very good material at a very good price.

We try to make Bicigrino's bicycle rental service as homogenous and easy as possible. For this reason, we try to ensure that all the necessary material for cycle tourism is included in the basic pack. The helmet we have left out for the reasons that we explain. The bottle of water for the same reasons is new in each service and we give it as a souvenir of your trip (you can take it at the end of the service).

** If you need one of our helmets and you want it to be next to your bike you just have to add it in the selector of this page at the moment of processing the reservation. When you receive the bike at the start of your route inside the box you will find a clean, brand new helmet with the measurements and colors selected. The price of each of these helmets is 79.95 euros. **



Maletas camino de Santiago

Yes we pick you request your personal baggage at the point of delivery of the bike and manage your transportation when you arrive at the end of the route you are waiting at the place we give it back to the bike you rent us .., this service is not is included in the rental price and will have to be hired separately (you'll find offered in our shop for 30 euros).

* Optional service not included in the rental price for bicycles.


In bicigrino know what's worth your safety and your peace of mind especially. We are accredited professionals and we have an insurance policy to cover liability and ensure any contingency that may occur. For us it is very important to offer our services under guidelines of accountability and efficiency so that apart from the good reviews that you can obtain and certify through the opinions of our users and do not want to leave anything to chance and work toward optimal service and guaranteed.

soporte 24 horas alquiler bicicletasASSISTANCE 24 HOURS.

We have a network of garages that broadly cover all the way to Santiago.
  • We have arrangements with taxi services and professionals who can ship your solucinarte meeting for any contingency.
  • Our wide range of accommodation (hotels, cottages, lodging) will give coverage to any problem.
  • Our contact number (627 928 213) contectado always attentive to orient and solucionarte any contingency during your route ..


- By purchasing this product in any PACKS and the price indicated in the offer you are paid exclusively rental service .
- The rental price is included the cost of transport to the starting point of the path and the return of the bike from Santiago or any point to our base.

- The Rent Cancellation Policy is the following:
Before 30 days the refund is total.
Between 30 and 15 days the refund is 50%
After 15 days nothing is returned.

- Narrow the rental of this particular bike model , you need to pay a deposit of 200 euros ( per bike ) that you can purchase through the online store of bicigrino , in " Bicycle Rental " paying so separate payment of rent. This is indicated as DEPOSIT will be refunded once received and checked the bikes good use and condition thereof. Without the necessary and compulsory payment of this bond order requesting any one or more rental bikes are not considered valid .

-When you arrive in Santiago you can stop by our official store in Pza Platerías 1, (use the clock tower of the Cathedral as a reference to find it); There we will indicate where to deliver your bicycle rental, or in your case for transportation back to your home.
You can also print your train tickets or plane and receive advice on transport, packaging, typical places to eat, accommodations etc.

- Bicycles are new or semi - new and is delivered in perfect magazine , so it will be the responsibility of the users basic care and maintenance to ensure good use of them. We will take care of repairs attributable to mechanical defects route, but users will be responsible for the damage and failures attributed to poor or inadequate use of bicycles.
- For any questions or special need on bike rentals or need in route once you rented the bike please contact me through this e- mail: 

** IMPORTANT! have high demand and it is important and indispensable check availability before processing the bicycle rental. Please select your size and time period and claims the OK to**

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