Our electric bicycles will allow you to carry out any cyclist route comfortably and safely. They have a range of up to 100 km thanks to its high capacity battery and its BOSCH engine. We use state-of-the-art bicycles and we specialize in E-Bikes.


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Electric Bicycle Rental - DOUBLE SUSPENSION


Only transport the French town of Saint Jean Pied de Port.

* This service is an additional cost for this holiday 10 euros.

PRESSING BUTTON to acquire that extra service.

Select the first day of the rent

* Report on the calendar the day start counting the rent.

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* Select the days you want to rent a bike.

CALCULATED PRICE SELECTED Rental for bike and add to cart. Repeat entire process with selection of size, date and day rental to add more bikes to cart.

Delivery information

Enter here the direction you want to deliver your bike to start the way. You must provide us:

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Hotel Roncesvalles
calle única S/N
31650 Roncesvalles

600 00 00 00

Optional Helmet:

If you wish to add to your rental the purchase of one of our HEBO BICI CRANK 1.0 helmets you can do so by selecting it below. If you wish you can also find all the information in this following link.

The price of the helmets shown below are VAT FREE. The final price is € 59.95.

Tax included
  • Política de seguridad (editar con el módulo Información de seguridad y confianza para el cliente) Política de seguridad (editar con el módulo Información de seguridad y confianza para el cliente)
  • Política de envío (editar con el módulo Información de seguridad y confianza para el cliente) Política de envío (editar con el módulo Información de seguridad y confianza para el cliente)
  • Política de devolución (editar con el módulo Información de seguridad y confianza para el cliente) Política de devolución (editar con el módulo Información de seguridad y confianza para el cliente)

** In order to process this service we need the order is made at least 1 week in advance.

** By Please request availability at: caminosantiagobike@gmail.com


Bicycles with a range (battery life) of up to 100 km

Highly reliable and adjusted for a use of bicycle touring on the road or another route that comes to mind.

We think that those who rent this type of bicycles should do so with the intention of sightseeing and enjoy the tour without extra effort.

We remind you that with this type of vehicle in the pilgrim's office we can not obtain the Compostela or diploma accrediting the Camino de Santiago.

Our offer is designed to provide service to those who want to travel on the road to Santiago or any other tourist route.

This bicycle has been carefully selected and prepared to adapt as much as possible to bicycle touring and to stages of approximately 70 km.

You can maintain average speeds of 25 kms / h without any problem.

This bicycle will allow you to travel independently of any stage of the Camino de Santiago and enjoy the entire route.

In Bicigrino we are official distributors "MUSTACHE" and this year 2019 we offer MTB bikes tested on the road and in total confidence of effectiveness.

We work with the latest technology and in 2019 we bet on the new brand model Moustache, the SAMEDI 27 TRAIL 4.

** IMPORTANT NOTICE: We want to inform you that we rent this bicycle WITHOUT BADGES AND BULBS, as it is for very specific rentals in which no transport will be carried out on the bicycle. **

bicycle electric rent bicigrino


The DOUBLE SUSPENSION Mustache Trail 4 is high-end and is equipped with the latest BOSCH engine. They use a display that facilitates the electronic management of the use of the bicycle with different options of use according to the user's requirement: Off (to drive without assistance), ECO (economic management), TOUR (average help), SPORT (sports use) and TURBO (maximum assistance).

They are MTB bicycles with SHIMANO changes and characteristics similar to their counterparts without assistance but with the advantage that they will help you in the most difficult and difficult areas. In your hands will be the power to ask for more or less help ..

The position of the battery, with a shorter wheelbase and a more balanced weight distribution make it an ideal bicycle for all types of terrain, it has also been equipped with some differentiated elements, which make it an optimal alternative, for any type of route.

In the rental price is included the transport to any point that you propose to start the way and the collection also in any place of the Spanish geography that you decide to finish the route.

The bicycle comes equipped among other things with these accessories designed to provide you with all the peace of mind and guarantees en route:

Tires specially chosen for optimal use on the road.
Speedometer integrated in the electronic bicycle management system.
Padlock to keep the bike safe .
Toolkit with cameras, patches, bombs and multitool (with tronchacadenas) to solve any eventuality en route.
Grease and oil kit to lubricate the bike during the ride

** If you need one of our helmets and you want it to be next to your bike you only have to add it in the selector of this page at the moment of processing the reservation. When you receive the bike at the start of your route inside the box you will find a clean, brand new helmet with the measures and colors selected. The price of each of these helmets is 79.95 euros. **


Rental conditions:

- Acquiring this product in any of its PACKS and with the price indicated in the offer you are exclusively paid for the rental service.

- The price of the transport is included in the rental price to the starting point of the road and the return of the bicycle from Santiago or any point to our base.

- To specify the rental of this bicycle model in particular, it is necessary to pay a DEPOSIT of 200 euros (per bike) ( * Bail group A * ) that you can acquire through the bicigrino virtual shop, in the "Bicycle rental" section, paying separately for the rent payment. This BOND, as indicated, will be refunded once the bicycles are received and the good use and conditions of the same have been checked. Without the necessary and obligatory payment of this bond, any request requesting the rental of one or more bicycles will not be considered valid.

- The bicycles are new or semi-new and will be delivered in perfect condition, so it will be the responsibility of the users for their maintenance and elementary care in order to guarantee a good use of them. We will take care of the repairs en route attributable to mechanical defects, but will be the responsibility of the users the damages and faults attributable to misuse or inadequate of the bicycles.

- The rental service is handled in a very personal and detailed way. You can still make a direct reservation through this website, it is recommended to contact any questions contact me (Tomás Sánchez) through this e-mail: caminosantiagobike@gmail.com or if you prefer by telephone to +34 627 92 82 13. For the organization and coordination of the rent it is preferable and much more practical to make a previous contact by means of these means.

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