Requirements to get the Compostela

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The pilgrim's office in Santiago de Compostela requires that those who make the Camino de Santiago on foot have to do at least the last 100 kms walking to get the diploma or Compostela that accredits it.

In the case that concerns us and concerns us "the way of Santiago by bicycle", it is necessary to make at least the last 200 km.

So taking Santiago de Compostela as the epicenter and looking for a distance of these 200 kms it will be possible to get the Compostela doing any road or route that reaches Santiago with that minimum distance.

To be able to justify those kilometers it will be necessary to take the "Credential" or passport of the pilgrim during the tour and put in churches, museums, hostels, hotels ... etc at least two daily stamps that increase the passage through those places.

The credential can be obtained in the hostels at the beginning of the route, in associations of friends of the Camino de Santiago or if you choose to rent one of our rental bicycles you will find it included in the equipment.


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